Take Action

These activities offer a starting point for conversations we hope will occur around the opportunities for significantly improving education in Ohio and the specific changes needed to accomplish improvements. We welcome your input. Feel free to contact us with any feedback.

1. Walk-in for Public Education Events

15 minutes. Schools in your neighborhoods across America will host a walk-in for public education 15 minutes before school opens Oct. 6 for parents, community members, educators and students to show support for public education. Ask your teachers and other school officials what is planned for the walk-in at your neighborhood school.

The walk-ins will unite teachers with parents and community members/leaders to highlight our common values and expectations for a high functioning school district. Find a walk-in near you.

List of Walk-Ins

No walk-ins planned near you? Talk to your local district/school officials about hosting a walk-in.

Download an Oct. 6 Walk-in Planning Packet

2. Attend a stakeholder meeting.

3. What sort of input can I provide? Click on a link to see suggestions for changes that can be made under ESSA as well as sample questions that should be put to state and district decision makers in each subject area.

4. Invite a representative from the Ohio Federation of Teachers to have a conversation about a shared vision for public education and how to make that happen with ESSA.

5. Sign on to show your support for a common vision for improved education in Ohio that benefits students, teachers, parents and our communities.